Francesco Verso

Writing short stories – contrary to popular belief – is very hard. You can’t procrastinate, you can’t hide behind turns of phrase, you have to know where you are going and which buttons to press to reach the point in as few words as possible. Paradoxically the short story is the narrative form most suitable […]

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Avatar - indian science fiction

India, the near future: these nine stories, like threads reaching towards tomorrow, explore the variegated tapestry of Indian speculative fiction, touching on themes like the advent of bio-politics, the connections between new (social) media and language, the inexorable rise of Big Data and algorithms, the spread of 3D printers, and the increasing use of prosthetics […]

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James Patrick Kelly

Surprise party

DUAL LANGUAGE EDITION: ENGLISH / ITALIAN (printed edition in dual language also available) James Patrick Kelly represents the human side of cyberpunk and Surprise Party is the first collection of his short stories ever published in dual language, English and Italian. It features the following stories: Bernardo’s House, Surprise Party, The Promise of Space, Declaration, […]

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Xia Jia

Spring Festival

Translated for the first time in English by Ken Liu, “Spring Festival” is the first short story collection by Xia Jia and it represents an excellent opportunity to discover one of the best writers of contemporary Chinese Speculative Fiction. “Tongtong’s Summer” revolves around a highly topical issue: the use of androids as support for a […]

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Claude Lalumière

Other persons

These three stories by Claude Lalumière range from climate fiction to dystopian and sociological scenarios, investigating the concepts of identity and belonging in an illuminating and evocative way. Dual language edition in English and Italian.

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Rich Larson

Ghost girl - La ragazza girl

Four wonderful stories by award-winning author Richard Larson are published together for the first time alongside their Italian translations: Meet the “Ghost Girl” and her artificial guardian in a Bujumbura junkyard. Party with the post-human hedonists of “Let’s Take This Viral.” See what happens when a basketball prodigy refuses to be “Meshed.” And watch a […]

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Carlos Hernandez

The Assimilated Cuban's Guide to Quantum Santeria

Buy at Rosarium Publishing – A quirky collection of short sci-fi stories for fans of Kij Johnson and Kelly Link Assimilation is founded on surrender and being broken; this collection of short stories features people who have assimilated, but are actively trying to reclaim their lives. There is a concert pianist who defies death by uploading […]

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curated by Francesco Verso


Available in Chinese-Italian version only 从人口老龄化到气候变化, 触及大众教育和社交网络的影响, 四个故事 –由刘慈欣、夏笳、陈楸帆、吴岩 想象而成的故事,展示了一个无论是习俗还是情感都远离西方的中国, 即便在经济和社会问题上它们非常相似。特别值得一提的是在科技上,如此先进的中国使得我们可以看见未来, 一个不仅是东方而是整个世界所期待的未来。 Aging, climate change, mass education, impact of social networks and much more! The stories by Liu Cixin, Xia Jia, Chen Qiufan, and Wu Yan illustrate a China that is far away from the Western world culture, but so similar in the economic-social challenge and so technologically advanced to give […]

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Nina Munteanu

The way of water

“…a stunning example of good storytelling with an excellent setting and cast of characters.” – Tangent Online The Way of Water is a near-future vision that explores the nuances of corporate and government corruption and deceit together with resource warfare. An ecologist and technologist, Nina Munteanu uses both fiction and non-fiction to examine our humanity in […]

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Ekaterina Sedia

Citizen Komarova finds love

The short stories collection “Citizen Komarova Finds Love”  by Ekateria Sedia offers a unique opportunity to read one of the best Russian writers (now resident in the USA) – of science fiction and new weird. Ekaterina Sedia draws liberally from the so-called “russkaya dusha” (the Russian Soul), and although some stories contain many references to […]

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Tom Crosshil


“Or Ten Thousand Goodbyes”. Nominated for the 2013 Nebula Award in the short-story category Two big messages are intertwined in this short, dense and punchy story by Tom Crosshill. Two messages connected by a common denominator: the goodbye – the goodbye to our beloved as they get old and disappear, and the daily goodbye to […]

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Clelia Farris

Creative Surgery

English edition of this wonderful short story by Clelia Farris will be available soon in the Future Fiction anthology published by Rosarium Publishing: “FUTURE FICTION – New Dimensions in International Science Fiction”… stay tuned!   n.a.
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Efe Tokumbo

Proposition 23

Efe Tobunko‘s novella – nominated for the 2013 BSFA Awards – is a mix of William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World focusing on the relationship between what it means to be a citizen and a person. In a future Lagos, dark capital city of Nigeria, three-quarters of the population is considered expendable, […]

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Paul McAuley

Gene Wars & Rocket Boy

Two amazing stories by the British Master of Science Fiction Paul McAuley on biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Gene Wars tells the story of Evan, a boy who grows up in a future society where gene splicing and biotechnolgical techniques are widespread and commonplace. It shows the “progress” of Evan’s career, from his pet-splicing youth, through […]

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James Patrick Kelly

Bernardo's House

A domotic story, a conscious living House, who speaks and shows, through the objects that fill her, the need to be inhabited, to be eternally possessed by a tenant. Get ready for an unusual visit to “Bernardo’s House”, where the topic of home automation is inseparably interwoven with Artificial Intelligence: what would happen if such […]

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