Cristian Mihail Teodorescu is one of the best contemporary Romanian science fiction writers, the only Romanian author of speculative fiction nominated for the Grand Prix de L’Imaginaire (France) and one of the few Romanian authors who writes Hard SF. 

Big Bang Larissa” – in the text that gives the title of this volume, Cristian Mihail Teodorescu flawlessly creates the universe of a perfectly credible alternative civilization despite the comic register chosen by the author in order to unleash his fictional strength. The Culture of the Finance, pushed to the extreme (even today actually foretold by many of the mankind’s obsessions), very pleasantly is evocating me the Ferengi culture from Star Trek : Deep Space Nine.” – Dănuţ Ungureanu 

“One of Cristian Mihail Teodorescu’s strengths is his literary witty and zesty dialogue that gives life to his dynamic scenarios. Case 74 (“Dosarul 74”, the 1987 Romanian Science Fiction Convention Award) choose the solution of the reconstituted subject through fragments from the pieces of a process from the future. A fusion between the logic-based paradox humor and the cynical comic.” – Mircea Opriţă 

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