When in the virtual spaces of the web you come across a name as Vajra Chandrasekera, you think immediately about Indian mythology, about the weapon of Indra, the lightning and symbolic object that represents him, the “vajra”, precisely. Yet, once you start reading the stories of Vajra Chandrasekera, you find yourself catapulted into a hyper-real world, as deep as a Mohorovičić’s discontinuity and as bizarre as a tuktuk Maxist driver, expert in the Vedas. All the while you’re being hit by a light solar breeze that threatens to erase humanity from the face of the Earth.
The surprising and revealing world of Vajra Chandrasekera is represented here by two short stories, full of deep and fascinating meanings: Dharmas and On Being Undone by a Light Breeze.

From the blog “La fucina della diaboliche traduzioni”: “Insofar as I might seem to know anything, I am either an autodidact or an unusually good liar. On the other hand, I don’t really claim to know anything. I am definitely not my narrators; my concerns are usually less cosmic.”

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