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Janna travels to Naples for a mysterious job interview, searching for a way to pay for her partner Eskin’s medical bills. Once she arrives, she finds that the interview is but a pretense; this is the start of a process of awareness that will change her life forever. iMate is a story of motherhood denied and longed for at all costs, where the latest technological trends try to respond to the anxieties of a near future very similar to ours.

The story, a collaboration between Francesco Verso and Francesco Mantovani, represents not only a tribute to the Black Mirror series but also a manifesto of their way of understanding speculative fiction, focused on the observation of small changes that herald epochal transformations for humanity.

The volume includes an essay by Maurizio Balistreri on the concept of immortality from an ethical and philosophical point of view.


The Authors

Francesco Verso (Bologna, 1973). His novels include: Antidoti umanie-Doll (Urania Award 2009), Livido (Odyssey Award and Italy Award 2014), Bloodbusters (Urania Award 2015) and I camminatori, a collection featuring The Pulldogs and No/Mad/Land. His stories have appeared in European, American and Chinese magazines. He lives in Rome with his wife Elena and daughter Sofia.

Francesco Mantovani (Rome, 1971). Mantovani’s stories appear in various anthologies, Una su tredici milioni e passa in SpaceWave (Fanucci), Libera Nos a Vita in N.A.S.F.2 (Nuovi Autori) and Carcasse dello Spazio Profondo in N.A.S.F.7 (New Authors). He has also written a collection of children’s stories: I racconti della scimmia saggia. Co-founder of Future Fiction, he is Chief Augmentation Officer of the book series. He reads and writes strictly in his spare time at night.

Maurizio Balistreri, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Turin’s College of Philosophy and Educational Sciences. His major research interests are roboethics and bioethics. He has written several books, including Il futuro della riproduzione umana (2016), Superumani: Etica ed enhancement (2011, 2020), and Sex Robot: L’amore al tempo delle macchine and he is co- author of Biotecnologie: Modificazioni genetiche (Mulino 2020).


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