The market of death has no limits. But what can an old man with a normal life – not to say trivial – do to make his death an event worthy of being immortalized in front of millions of people?

In this delightful, poignant story we discover the unusually ironic side of Francesco Verso: a sharp and macabre irony that tells us about television and the cruelty and lack of scruples of its operators; a story which reveals what can happen in a reality show when you no longer know what to invent and teaches us how, in the end, death is not the same for everyone, and that it’s better not to play with it.

“Fernando Morales, This Is Your Death!” has been adapted into a play and staged in the show “The Milky Way” by Katiuscia Magliarisi and Chiara CondrĂ², with music by Simone De Filippis.


They said about “Fernando Morales, This Is Your Death!”:

“Is it true that there comes a time in life when we are all on the same level? Certainly there are different ways to die, in a private room of a luxury clinic or in the big room of one hundred beds in a shabby hospital in whose basement mice and cockroaches contend rubbish… and then later, tombs decorated with precious marble or refined sculptures, coffins made of the best wood and burials in cemeteries that are opposed to plywood boxes in holes dug with bulldozers where only a square of cardboard distinguishes the hapless sleeping down there. And then there are frozen corpses waiting to be awakened when science will have made enough progress to bring them back to life and space funerals complete with a coffin and spacecraft in orbit around the Earth or traveling to Andromeda.” – Alda Teodorani

“Francesco Verso uses a dry and deliberately not engaging nor empathetic writing, just to emphasize the banality of the character. I think that this very element stimulated in me reflections on a condition that I still refuse, but that is my next horizon.” Roberto Nicoletti on Pensiero Libero

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