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从人口老龄化到气候变化, 触及大众教育和社交网络的影响, 四个故事 –由刘慈欣、夏笳、陈楸帆、吴岩 想象而成的故事,展示了一个无论是习俗还是情感都远离西方的中国, 即便在经济和社会问题上它们非常相似。特别值得一提的是在科技上,如此先进的中国使得我们可以看见未来, 一个不仅是东方而是整个世界所期待的未来。

Aging, climate change, mass education, impact of social networks and much more! The stories by Liu Cixin, Xia Jia, Chen Qiufan, and Wu Yan illustrate a China that is far away from the Western world culture, but so similar in the economic-social challenge and so technologically advanced to give a glimpse of the future that the whole world will experience in a few.

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