If you loved the seductive car crashes in “Crash” by James Ballard and the grotesque surgery of “The Skin I Live In” by Pedro Almodovar, then the stories of Pepe Rojo will remain in your memory for a very long time.

“Grey Noise” is a striking short story – set in a near-future city that could be Mexico City just like any other metropolis – where technology and humans have become one thing. In particular, reporters have turned into cyborgs to film and stream anything live using a camera implanted in their eyes.
Thru the eye-camera of the main character we become testimony of the sad and true fate of the future of communication, where people – more or less willingly – lose their privacy to keep themselves constantly in contact with a monitor that makes them part of the same technology they depend from.

“Conversations with Yoni Rei” traces the protagonist’s life, from his birth in a corporation lab, until his death, passing through his numerous attempts to fight his own creators.
Pepe Rojo’s fiction incorporates many postmodernist themes: the corrosive effects of corporate values; the paradoxical inability to communicate with others; a fascination with the power of cybernetics and its destructive potential.

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