Cyrano de Bergerac goes to future India to find a wife.An Eligible Boy is a funny and profound story focusing on a key aspect of McDonald‘s future India: selective abortions leading to a hugely imbalanced gender ratio. A four-to-one male to female proportion that forces many men to make desperate appeals to the few women available for marriage.

Young Jasbir had a cosmetic dental surgery and, advised by his roommate Sujay – who codes Avatars software for the popular soap opera Town and Country – decides to use an A.I. relationship coach to help him in the game of courtship on Shaadi, the world’s biggest wedding agency. Such tradition has become much more complex and difficult since the introduction of Avatars and Data Mining. But that’s just one side of the story, as the A.I.s believe that they are alive and act out the soap opera’s characters as if real; with unexpected results.

Who will find love? And who will lose it all together? Most of all, who will be the perfect match of such Marriage Game upgraded version?

An Eligible Boy, with its slight humor and innovative courtship rituals, explores the new boundaries of love for both human beings and artificial beings.

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