Vodyanoy: What is behind the illness of Roman? Which kind of experiment have been made on the population of a Polish town that no one wants to talk about it, even though everyone seems to know it? And what is the relationship with the creatures of Eastern Europe’s folklore called “Vodyanoy” (Water Spirits)?

In this masterful story, Liz Williams represents the anxiety, experienced by a family, doomed to worsen as the health of poor Roman.

Loosestrife: Aud loves Ellie, her baby girl. But no one knows who the father of Ellie is, not even Aud. Driven by poor economic conditions and the risk of having her baby taken away from her by the Social Service, Aud decides to leave London with her friend Danny, so as not to reveal the secret of her daughter’s birth. A touching, dark story of denied maternity and dangerous choices.






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