Samovar interviews Clelia Farris

Samovar Magazine interviews Clelia Farris, author of ‘Un giorno da ricordare’/ ‘A Day to Remember‘ (translated by Rachel Cordasco and printed in the December issue) and Francesco Verso

Changes and identities

Over the last six months, many things happened that influenced the future of Future Fiction. We changed a lot since the day we started; basically, changes have become our reason for existence and many of the little changes we have implemented have become part of our identity: naming translators on the cover page or communicating […]

Future Fiction Anthology by Rosarium Publishing

Finally we can announce that, borrowing from the fine tradition of American underground dance labels introducing international labels’ music to the people back home, Rosarium Publishing brings to you Future Fiction: New Dimensions in International Science Fiction, a thrilling collection of innovative Science Fiction originally published by Francesco Verso’s Italian company, Future Fiction. Here you […]

Future is now: Future Fiction plan for 2017

2016 was a year of consolidation but we hope 2017 will be one of expansion, mostly because of two important projects: the first is NEBULA, the first ever anthology of Chinese contemporary Science Fiction published in double language: ​Chinese and Italian. It features stories by Cixin Liu, Xia Jia, Chen Qiufan and Wu Yan and it’s the result of […]

Our 2016 in numbers

The third year of Future Fiction has been even more exciting than the previous two (2014 and 2015): we have published 13 ebooks in Italian and 7 in English reaching a total of 42 ebooks in Italian e 22 in English, while continuing on our quest for Authors of contemporary SciFi representing as many cultures, languages […]

Future Fiction in 2016

The plan of Future Fiction for 2016 has been closed well in advance! It is thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of a bunch of gifted translators that we can reveal the many futures we will bring you in the coming months: January (Northern Ireland) – We opened 2016 with a spin-off from the […]

Future Fiction in 2015

[Stories available in English are marked with an asterisk *] This second year of Future Fiction has been intense: fourteen stories published in Italian and seven in English, more than one per month and fully respecting our mission to be a bridge between different cultures and languages in Speculative fiction. We introduced new things, such as the […]

Future Fiction interviews Ken Liu

Ken Liu is one of the most interesting Authors worldwide: he is already considered a Master of short stories – especially after his “Paper Menagerie” has been first to win all three of SF’s major awards: Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award – and his debut novel “The Grace of Kings” – a “silkpunk” story […]

Il 2015 secondo noi

In 2014 Future Fiction worked in silence. We browsed almost unknown websites, we read little known scifi anthologies, contacted editors from remote countries and wrote to authors to explain Future Fiction’s mission. We closed the year at 500 ebook downloaded from Amazon. We published 15 titles in Italian and 8 in English allowing our digital […]

Bilancio del 2014

Dear Future Fiction Readers, This is to thank you all – a handful of curious readers: each of you has made us an incredible gift granting us your trust. A trust that allowed us to distribute royalties to our Authors and to remunerate translators and illustrators who play a key role in our multicultural project. […]

Stuff di Pepe Rojo

Pepe Rojo is master of latin american science fiction who explored different media and experiences to bring the Future to the public. Stuff is a short novel from 2011, translated by Alida González Navarro.

Luglio 2014

We promised something special and we think we achieved it: Robert Sawyer, James Patrick Kelly, Clelia Farris, Francesco Verso… a huge collection of topics but also a great span in geographies and time… US, Canada, Greece, Italy… present, future, deep future…   We cannot stop, the direction is clear; infact we are going to launch in the next weeks […]

Aprile 2014

In April, the month of Aphrodite, we will have the beautiful women of Michalis Manolios in his unpublished short story “The Quantum Mommy“, in which the laws of quantum physics will dangerously cross the deepest instincts of females. The ebook will be enhanced by the second release of  “Aethra“, the Aeon Award winner short story, […]