[Stories available in English are marked with an asterisk *]

This second year of Future Fiction has been intense: fourteen stories published in Italian and seven in English, more than one per month and fully respecting our mission to be a bridge between different cultures and languages in Speculative fiction.

We introduced new things, such as the paper editions (in Italian language) with the the first anthology “Storie dal domani” including the best Future Fiction short stories of 2014 and the release of “UFO e altri oggetti non identificati” by Giorgio Manganelli. We are now available also to traditional readers and we will continue on this road thanks to the support of our publisher: Mincione Edizioni.

We’ve also published small collections – starting with Ken Liu (Mono no Aware e altre storie) and Xia Jia (Spring Festival*) offering our readers broader perspectives of relevant international Authors, a direction that we will maintain also in 2016.

The strengths, however, remained the same: scouting is the first one. We continued to represent futures – highly probable ones – on the edge between everyday reality and speculation from all the world, with stories like Grey Noise* (Pepe Rojo – Mexico), Regina d’ambra (Olivier Paquet – France), Diario di un poliorcete pentito (Ugo Bellagamba – France), Fragmentation(Tom Crosshill – Latvia), Dharmas* (Vajra Chandrasekera – Sri Lanka) confirming our interest in stories with origins other than classical, that enrich the perspective on possible futures.

Alongside these discoveries there has been a desire to propose new fascinating themes by Authors we already had in our collection, such as Clelia Farris with her wonderful “Chirurgia creativa” (whose translation, Creative surgery, will be available in English soon).

The road is mapped out and we will continue to follow it with the same dedication as always, thanks to the strong support by our readers and the feedback that experts, bloggers and the media are showing us.

After joining the Book Fair in Turin, Stranimondi in Milan, Les Utopiales of Nantes, PiùLibriPiùLiberi in Rome and the Future Fest in Pescara, during the 2016 we will bring our “fiction biodiversity” at bookseller Assaggi in Rome for a series of meetings about the genre and then in Fiuggi for the annual meeting of DeepCon and – in November – at the Eurocon in Barcelona with the aim to present our multicultural project and to meet other editorial realities from Spain and Europe.

If you want to know more about our future, stay tuned: the editorial plan of 2016 is coming soon.