In April, the month of Aphrodite, we will have the beautiful women of Michalis Manolios in his unpublished short story “The Quantum Mommy“, in which the laws of quantum physics will dangerously cross the deepest instincts of females. The ebook will be enhanced by the second release of  “Aethra“, the Aeon Award winner short story, a disturbing detective story exploring the issues of human cloning and individual responsibility .

More, we will publish a novel (in Italian only) from Clelia Farris, one of the best in the recent scenario of fantastic literature in in Italy : “La pesatura dell’anima“. Mrs Farris does not need introduction and the same for the novel: it’s a great honor for Future Fiction to have it in our juke box of stories and dreams. Also, we hope that with Clelia, this is just the first step of a long journey together.

Finally, another story in both Italian and English: “Two Worlds ” by Francesco Verso, the story that has broken the dividing wall between fantasy and science fiction. This charming fairy tale is set in a post-apocalyptic world populated by  augmented humans; the human race will have an opportunity to redeem itself, as often happens in the stories of Francesco, will it succeed?

Three ebooks that clarify even further the footprint of Future Fiction… and much more is cooking ! Stay tuned.