imageDear Future Fiction Readers,

This is to thank you all – a handful of curious readers: each of you has made us an incredible gift granting us your trust. A trust that allowed us to distribute royalties to our Authors and to remunerate translators and illustrators who play a key role in our multicultural project.

Future Fiction turnover is just about few hundred euros, but since much of our work is oriented to scouting and promoting Authors and stories that don’t have high visibility in Italy, our profit for this first year is huge: with our fourteen stories in Italian and eight in English we have put together an unbelievable team of contemporary Authors and have enriched their wonderful stories with covers signed by talented artists.

Knowing that you’ve loved them and you’ve been intrigued reading one or more of them is our best result.

In the nine months of activity, starting from zero, Future Fiction has sold 500 ebooks, mainly leveraging Amazon (and recently its Kindle Unlimited). 90 percent of our readers are Italians, but the small presence in the rest of the world is a good starting point on which we will build, in the near future, a substantial balance in accordance with our global mission.

Trust us for 2015: the smallest artisan of Speculative Fiction in the world is Italian and is ready to make even better. On the horizon there are new projects, like different media to represent our stories. And if in 2014 we brought you Authors from Greece, Romania, Ireland and Nigeria, next year we will go beyond: Latvia, Sri Lanka, China, France… and more.

Because just as there are many worlds, there are many futures; we believe in all of them and we want to represent them all.