The third year of Future Fiction has been even more exciting than the previous two (2014 and 2015): we have published 13 ebooks in Italian and 7 in English reaching a total of 42 ebooks in Italian e 22 in English, while continuing on our quest for Authors of contemporary SciFi representing as many cultures, languages and diversities as possible.

In spite of what is happening in other fields (political, economical and social) we believe this SF biodiversity project represents the best way to contribute to the qualitative resilience of the genre.

We can summarize the year in just six words:

  • Sell less, sell better: we sold something like 800 ebooks decreasing 8% versus last year, but the net revenue reached 1250 Euros (+100%). Of course, the catalog has increased, and if we started selling singles stories for .99 cents, now – with more anthologies and collections – we can sell more ebooks for 2,99 or 3,99 EUR; this means our readers trust Future Fiction and value our proposal, which is never granted in a market where the lack of differentiation and invisibility are the two main enemies of any Publisher and professional Writer;
  • Play Glocal: in 2015 the ratio of stories published in Italy vs abroad was 15 to 1, in 2016 it’s 5 to 1. We are downloaded in the UK, the US, Japan, France, Spain, Brazil. Small volumes of course, but the growth is a steady trend which makes us confident about the future. After all, we exist since just 36 months and have no other resources than hard work, enthusiasm and passion.

Best title of the year is Jesus Christ reanimator, without any doubt, but The Fifth Dragon of Ian McDonald as well was performing very well.

The printed editions data for the 2015 are the following: 200 copies of “Ufo e altri oggetti non identificati” by Giorgio Manganelli, 250 copies of “Storie dal domani 1” and 90 copies of “e-Doll” by Francesco Verso, for a total of 540 copies.

Thanks to Mincione Edizioni – our Publisher – our titles are distributed in the best Italian bookstores. During the year, on top of the second volume of “Storie dal domani” with the collection of best digital stories from 2015 we started a new series – created by our Publisher Mariangela Mincione – with volumes in two languages (English and Italian) combining a science fiction story and a scientific essay on the same subject.

The first one, “The Way of Water”, from rumenian-canadian ecologist and writer Nina Munteanu, tackles the problem of water supply and management in a near-future Canada. The second, “The Mutant Stag at Horn Creek“, by American author and geologist Sarah K. Castle, tells about the relationship between an old ranger and her niece visiting the Horn Creek National Park where – as a result of climate change – the stags have suffered a “strange” mutation…



Also, during 2016, we have met a lot of great Authors, Editors and Publishers in Italy and Europe: after the DeepCon17 in Fiuggi, the Turin Book Fair, the SF Con Stranimondi 2 in Milan, and Book Faire Più Libri Più Liberi in Rome, we joined the EuroCon in Barcellona (you have a look at the panels with Editor in Chief Francesco Verso: “Is there a South European SF?” and “The Lost Legion”). It was a big pleasure and enrichment for us and we decided to join the next EuroCon in 2017 in Dortmund and in Amiens in 2018. Moreover we will be also at the WorldCon 2017 in Helsinki.

Finally, in December we launched the Society of Future Tales, an annual subscription to Future Fiction granting all ebooks we publish every year and also discounts on printed editions. A way to make readers part of our project and allowing us to pursue our vision. Because there’s hardly a better investment than the one in the Future.

We thus thank the hundreds of readers that, with their support and word of mouth, allow us to continue in this adventure. Similarly, our gratitude goes to the dozens of translators (not forgetting the illustrators) whose contribution is essential to give voice and image to Authors who otherwise would hardly have them.

If you want to know what’s cooking for 2017, stay tuned… we will start disclosing soon!