The plan of Future Fiction for 2016 has been closed well in advance! It is thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of a bunch of gifted translators that we can reveal the many futures we will bring you in the coming months:

January (Northern Ireland) – We opened 2016 with a spin-off from the last novel by Ian McDonald – Luna: New Moon – entitled The Fifth Dragon. Useless to say, Ian McDonald is a must! The cover has been done by Federico Bardzki.

February (Italy and Romania). Two publications: first comes a story co-written by Francesco Verso and Francesco Mantovani, set between Naples and Sweden entitled “iMate” about the future of work (cover by Francesco De Aguilar). The second is made up of two stories by a Romanian author (living in Canada), Nina Munteanu, who will take us in a world meteorologically controlled by Global Corporations in which water will become – if it is not already – of paramount importance. Cover has been signed by Brad Sharp.


March (United Kingdom): leveraging his participation to the the annual Fiuggi DeepCon 17, we will publish a collection of three stories by Ken MacLeod, guest of honor at the event.


April (Russia): we are proud to bring to Italy, for the very first time, some short stories by Ekaterina Sedia, Russian author already known to readers of steampunk for the novel “The Alchemy of Stone” and “The Secret History of Moscow”. Her stories range from the surreal to the great contemporary science fiction to finally touch literary speculation in the tradition of Russian fantastic literature. Cover again signed by Federico Bardzki.


May (China): after those by Ken Liu and Xia Jia, another important collection of short stories from the Far East. This time it will be Chen Qiufan, one of the best science fiction writers of China.


June (Brazil): after Pepe Rojo, we come back to South America to enjoy reading Fabio Fernandes, author and translator of the new generation of Brazilian writers.

That’s not all… and even if we don’t want to reveal everything we have for 2016, we can already anticipate that – as per Future Fiction tradition – we will explore all continents: Korea, Zimbabwe, Greece and the United States.

Of course the second volume of Storie dal domani is ready, with the best stories of 2015. Coming at the end of March, both in e-book and paperback edition.

Enjoy the reading!