In 2014 Future Fiction worked in silence. We browsed almost unknown websites, we read little known scifi anthologies, contacted editors from remote countries and wrote to authors to explain Future Fiction’s mission.

We closed the year at 500 ebook downloaded from Amazon. We published 15 titles in Italian and 8 in English allowing our digital readers to discover little gems such as as Bernardo’s House by James Patrick Kelly, Aethra by Michalis Manolios, Big Bang Larissa by M. Cristian Teodorescu, An Eligible Boy by Ian McDonald, Gene War + Rocket Boy by Paul McAuley and Proposition 23 by Efe Tobunko.

This year we’ll continue to explore and bring back other gems from countries that are far away but nontheless close to the idea of Future Fiction: because as the future spreads everywhere, we want to represent it in all of  its shapes.

So, after the stories of Greek, Romanian, Irish and Nigerian authors (as well as Italian, American and English) we will publish:

Fernando Morales, This is Your Death by Francesco Verso (Italy), translated by Sally McCorry, on the issue of euthanasia: Fernando Morales decides that his time has come, and he wants to end it on a national TV broadcast, with grotesque and surreal results.FernandoMorales_FVerso_eng

Whole Truth Witness + Life of the Author plus 70 by Kenneth Schneyer (USA): imagine Lt. Columbo struggling with nanotechnology and a poor writer forced to go in hibernation to escape the tax authorities. These are the legal issues of the future told by the 2014 Nebula Award finalist.

18-Chirurgia_Creativa_C_FarrisCreative Surgery by Clelia Farris (Italy): one the best Italian writer Science Fiction strikes back with a story that she defines as “the best story I’ve ever written”. Creative Surgery is so intense and sharp that Fiction Future decided to translate it in English and promote it on the international market.

Fragmentation or ten thousand goodbye by Tom Crosshill (Latvia). “Two great messages intersect in this story short, thick and punchy, two posts linked by a common denominator: the farewell. Farewell to our loved ones as they get older and disappear, the daily goodbye to what we are, due to a faster and stronger fragmentation-transformation” – Alda Teodorani. This tale was a Nebula Award finalist in 2013.

– “Spring Festival” by Xia Jia (China), translated by Ken Liu: three of the best short stories written by a Chinese author widely appreciated. Surprising artificial intelligences, breakthrough tecnhnologies to help the elders, a Luna Park of the future, and all with an oriental flavor, mild and touching. Several stories by Xia Jia have won the Galaxy Award, China’s most prestigious science fiction award.Whole_Truth_K_Schneyer

– “Dharmas” & “On being undone by a light breeze” by Vajra Chandrasekera (Sri Lanka). Philosophy and science fiction mixed together with a highly poetic writing. Sometimes just sitting in a tuktuk and being led around the city – as it happens to the protagonist of this story – is enough to experience powerful revelations about the meaning of life.

Come with us in the Future, you will not regret it.