2016 was a year of consolidation but we hope 2017 will be one of expansion, mostly because of two important projects: the first is NEBULA, the first ever anthology of Chinese contemporary Science Fiction published in double language: ​Chinese and Italian. It features stories by Cixin Liu, Xia Jia, Chen Qiufan and Wu Yan and it’s the result of a partnership with the Chinese company Storycom, the Confucio Institutes in Rome, Milan, Venice and Naples, and the participation of the illustrators of the International School of Comics in Rome… an amazing work intended to create a cultural bridge between China’s and Italy’s future.

There is more: in 2017 we will also publish an Anthology on Climate Change in collaboration with the Italian Institute for the Future; another step in this collaboration, following the book “Segnali dal Futuro”. The editors Roberto Paura and Francesco Verso will select stories of Climate Fiction and essays on the theme of Anthropocene.

In addition to these projects, our presence in the upcoming Sci-Fi conventions, the DeepCon 18 of Fiuggi, Eurocon in Dortmund and WorldCon75 in Helsinki will strengthen the international network and create connections that are crucial for our relentless scouting and research from every country to publish the Authors who – like us – consider Science Fiction as the best literary representation of our technological and accelerated present.

On top of these new projects, our editorial plan remains a certainty and here we are to reveal a part of it:

In January we were in India with Swapna KISHORE that showed us What lies dormant (INDIA – in Italian and English), a story in which the young Meera has a gift that alows her to save many people but also puts in danger her own life and those of the girls like her… A future India, where biotechnological wars have devastated the economy and undermined the society but where certain things, such as discrimination against “not pure” people and social prejudice, have remained the same as always.

In February we left for deep space with Olivier Paquet and his Synesthesia (FRANCE – in Italian): after “Regina d’Ambra” – a marvelous tale on the future of wine and the abilities of an AI, Adélaïde – the french writer comes back with a novella (winner of the Grand prix de l’Imaginaire in 2002) that mixes art, music, emotions and scents to refresh the classic alien invasion theme. Once again, at the core of the story there is a wonderful AI.

In March, we’ll have Gord Sellar with an anthology of short stories entitled Il paese della giovinezza (SOUTH KOREA – in Italian). For us having Gord on the “parterre de rois” of Future Fiction was a must… and you will understand why by reading these stories. From the right to longevity in South Korea, to vegan terrorism from North America, to environmental sarging methods in Europa to the theories of deep space multiversum, Gord Sellar’s stories are an explosion of themes on near-future trends.

In April we go back to Greece with Natalia Theodoridou and her  anthology Gli undici numeri sacri dell’anima meccanica (GREECE – in Italian). After Michalis Manolios from Athens, we bring to Italy another Greek Author, this time from Thessaloniki. Translated for the first time by Lia Tomasich, the stories of Natalia Theodoridou explore the concept of soul and determinism as per great European tradition.

And in April we will also be back on paper with Storie dal domani 3, with the best short stories of the Future Fiction in Italian. We had many chances to explore some fundamental issues of science fiction: identity transfer, artificial intelligence, futuristic architecture and much more in the “best of 2016“ collection.

Ken Liu will be back to Future Fiction in May with an anthology of short stories: La combinazione perfetta (USA / CHINA – in Italian). After “Mono no Aware e altre storie”, the Sino-American writer – winner of the Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy, and translator from the Chinese of “The Three Body Problem” Liu Cixin – returns with four more stories about (or better) from the future of humanity.

And May is also the month of NEBULA, the first ever anthology of Chinese Science Fiction in two languages ​​(CHINA – in Italian and Chinese): from the issues of population aging to climate change and impact of social network, the stories imagined by Cixin Liu, Xia Jia, Chen Qiufan and Wu Yan show a China that is far from western culture, but so similar in the economic and social tensions and also so technologically advanced that it represents a window into the future of the whole world.

June will be the month of Catalan writer Carme Torras with her short stories and essays in two languages, Italian and English, on the subject of robot companions (SPAIN – in Italian and English). We’ve met Carme Torras – researcher at the “Istitut de Robotics de Catalunya” – during the Eurocon in Barcelona: her panel on “Robot Companions” was among the best of the entire event! And her stories are great: we will publish them also on paper in a volume that we will premiere at Eurocon in Dortmund, June 2017… do not miss it!

We close the first half of 2017 with JEAN LUIS TRUDEL – one of the greatest Science Fiction writers of Canada – and his short story collection The Snows of Yesteryear – Le nevi del tempo che fu (CANADA – in Italian and English), his first anthology, translated in Italian by the writer Alda Teodorani, ranges from climate change to dark side of globalization.

Our first seven months will be intense but stay tuned, because there is much more! Don’t stop reading and dreaming about the Future.