Futurespotting (cartaceo)

Writing short stories – contrary to popular belief – is very hard. You can’t procrastinate, you can’t hide behind turns of phrase, you have to know where you are going and which buttons to press to reach the point in as few words as possible. Paradoxically the short story is the narrative form most suitable […]


La nuova edizione in doppia lingua (italiano-inglese) è arricchita da un saggio di Maurizio Balistreri sul concetto d’immortalità da un punto di vista etico e filosofico. Disponibile anche in ebook.    Janna è invitata a Napoli per un misterioso colloquio di lavoro, lavoro che le servirebbe per pagare le cure mediche del compagno, Eskin. […]

Avatar (hardcopy)

India, the near future: these nine stories, like threads reaching towards tomorrow, explore the variegated tapestry of Indian speculative fiction, touching on themes like the advent of bio-politics, the connections between new (social) media and language, the inexorable rise of Big Data and algorithms, the spread of 3D printers, and the increasing use of prosthetics […]

Surprise party (printed)

Buy the DUAL LANGUAGE EDITION: ENGLISH / ITALIAN at Amazon. (also available in ebook) James Patrick Kelly represents the human side of cyberpunk and Surprise Party is the first collection of his short stories ever published in dual language, English and Italian. It features the following stories: Bernardo’s House, Surprise Party, The Promise of Space, […]

The Unborn

With the unstoppable growth of the world population, the demographic issue is often at the center of the debate about the future of the human species: will there be enough resources for everyone or will the employment of birth control techniques become a legitimate solution? Future scenarios will also be connected to new reproductive technologies […]

Other Persons

Translated for the first time in Italian, these three stories by Claude Lalumière – one of the best Canadian contemporary science fiction writers – range from climate fiction to dystopian and sociological scenarios in pure Black Mirror style, investigating the concepts of identity and belonging in an illuminating and evocative way. Dual language edition in […]

Ghost girl

Four wonderful stories by award-winning author Richard Larson are published together for the first time alongside their Italian translations: Meet the “Ghost Girl” and her artificial guardian in a Bujumbura junkyard. Party with the post-human hedonists of “Let’s Take This Viral.” See what happens when a basketball prodigy refuses to be “Meshed.” And watch a […]

Entanglement (paper edition)

“The days of the lone ranger were gone; this was the age of the million heroes.” A journey around the world through the actions of ordinary people fighting climate change: from methane leaks in the Arctic Sea, to the Amazonia made arid by drought, to the floodplains of the Ganges and the phenomenon of fracking […]

The Mutant Stag at Horn Creek

Double language paper book (English and Italian). Before radioactivity caused the closure of the Grand Canyon, the young ranger Sue saw a strange animal to Horn Creek: a bizarre stag with twisted horns and – although she wasn’t sure – long fangs. Now, close to retirement, she’s about to make her last ride, together with […]

La natura dell’acqua – The way of water

“…a stunning example of good storytelling with an excellent setting and cast of characters.” – Tangent Online The Way of Water is a near-future vision that explores the nuances of corporate and government corruption and deceit together with resource warfare. An ecologist and technologist, Nina Munteanu uses both fiction and non-fiction to examine our humanity […]