Cristian Mihail Teodorescu is born in Bucharest (Romania) the 19th october of 1966. Married, with four children, is a physicist and works as Senior Scientist at the National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele. He has 110 published scientific papers in ISI journals.

As writer has won many Romanian Awards since 1987 for Case 74.

His first published book is, “SF One”, “Bastion”, from 2008. In 2010 he wins for “SF Two”, “Bastion”, two national Awards as “Best Book”.  Between 2010 and 2014 is translated in English, French, Spanish and now also in Italian. In 2013 he’s nominated for the French “Grand Prix de l’Immaginaire”; guest honor at the 2014 Nemo SF Convention at Amiens, France. In 2014 he publishes “The Sensoriad”, for Nemira.

He’s also President of the “Solaris” SF Club in Bucharest and, since 2014, President of the Romanian Science Fiction & Fantasy Society (SRSFF)