Born in Rome in 1971 and currently living in Madrid since 2010, Francesco Mantovani is the co-Founder of Future Fiction together with Francesco Verso and currently holds the position of Chief Augmentation Officer of the publishing house even if nobody knows what does it mean.

Since he was eight years old he dreamt to become a writer, then he finally woke up and discovered he was a minstrel. Since then, he performs for his most loyal audience: his daughter and son (Sabrina and Pietro).

In 2006 his short story “Una su tredicimilioni e passa” has been published in “SpaceWave”, a collection of Fanucci Editore. In the same year, the ucronic short story “Libera Nos a Vita” gets into the N.A.S.F. 2 collection (Nuovi Autori, 2006). Again another chance to show in a N.A.S.F. collection few years later: in 2011 his “Carcasse dello Spazio Profondo” is selected for N.A.S.F. 7 (Nuovi Autori, 2011). Recently, a collection of micro-stories for kids entitled “Le storie della scimmia saggia” has appeared on Amazon and Smashword.