Born in Toronto, Jean-Louis Trudel holds degrees in physics, astronomy, and the history and philosophy of science. Since 1994, he has authored (alone or, in collaboration with Yves Meynard, as Laurent McAllister) a trio of novels published in France, four fiction collections, a historical guide to Science Fiction in Quebec, and twenty-six young adult books published in Canada.

His (hundred or so) short stories in French have appeared in magazines including Solaris, imagine…, and Galaxies, but also in various other venues, countries and languages. In English, his short fiction has been published in several Canadian and U.S. anthologies, as well as in magazines such as ON SPEC and Prairie Fire.  His short story “The Snows of Yesteryear” was published in Carbide Tipped Pens (Bova and Choi, Tor, 2014) and reprinted in Loosed Upon the World (Adams, Saga, 2015) and Imaginarium 4:  The Best Canadian Speculative Fiction! (Kasturi and Stueart, ChiZine, 2016), also garnering an honourable mention in Gardner Dozois’s The Year’s Best Science Fiction:  Thirty-Second Annual Collection.  When time allows, he also translates and reviews Science Fiction.