manolios150x150Michalis Manolios was born in 1970 and he’s supposed to be a mechanical engineer. Collections of short stories:

  • “Sarkino Frouto” (Fleshy Fruit), Triton Publications, 1999.
  • “…kai to teras” (…and the beast), Triton Publications, 2009.

He has published short stories in the Greek Edition of “Asimov’s Science Fiction”, the comics and science fiction magazine “9” of the newspaper “Eleftherotypia”, and other Greek magazines and anthologies.

He is having a good time with his family in Athens.

“Aethra” was published in Greek in “9” (2001) and later in the short stories collection “…kai to teras” (Triton, 2009). It was the winning story of the AEON AWARD 2010 International contest. The Greek text was translated in English by Thalia Bisticas.