pepeJuan José “Pepe” Rojo (1968 -) was born in Chilpancingo and lives in Tijuana with his wife Deyanira Torres and their two kids.

He published stories such as “Ruido Gris“, “Yonke”,Punto Cero” and “I nte rrupciones“. Recently, his “The New Us” has been selected for the 2016 Twelve Tomorrows of MIT .

Pepe works at universities on both sides of the border and publishes in both Spanish and English. But most importantly, he leads an eclectic cultural activity ranging from writing to television, to production of narrative with a social impact as, for example, the sf-based interventions at the Tijuana-San Ysidro border entitled “You Can See the Future from Here” involving students from the University of Baja California as well as acclaimed authors such as Bruce Sterling.

In 2010 he edited the anthology of North American science fiction called “25 minutos en el futuro” together with author Bernardo “Bez” Fernandez, which includes stories of Doctorow and Bacigalupi.

A monumental player of Latin American sci fi, with an unbelievable ability to look into the Future!