We Tell Tomorrow Stories

Il Mondo di Future Fiction

This is the Future Fiction world map: Futures arrives everywhere.

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Whole Truth Witness & Life of an Author plus 70

by Kenneth Schneyer

Imagine a Perry Mason of the future dealing with nanotechnology...

or a Author forced to go in hibernation to escape an AI claiming taxes

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Proposition 23

by Efe Tobunko

the novella nominated for the 2013 BSFA Awards

a mix of Gibson and Aldous Huxley... a future you will love

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Gene Wars + Rocket Boy

by Paul McAuley

Two great stories by a scifi master

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En Eligible Boy

by Ian McDonald

Cyrano de Bergerac goes to future India to find a wife.

a funny story from a scifi master

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Aethra - the Quantum Mommy

by Michalis Manolios

Two short stories, including the Aeon Award 2010

and the fantastic story of Armelina II, the quantum mommy

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Big Bang Larissa / Case 74

by Cristian Mihail Teodorescu

two stories from one of the best contemporary

Romanian science fiction writers

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by Francesco Verso

A free short story to be read at full throttle,

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Two Worlds

by Francesco Verso

In a remote Future, humanity has evolved well beyond

fantasy and expectations. Two new species, one new world.

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Bernardo's House

by James Patrick Kelly

A domotic story, a conscious living House...

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Fernando Morales, this is your death

by Francesco Verso

The market of death has no limits.

What if Fernando Morales wants to die in front of millions of people?

We give voice to stories from the future and bring them to life across different media, because we believe there are multiple amplifiers for such stories: ebooks, short films, webseries, theatre performances, comics, live installations, video exhibition, 3D printed objects.

Combining these media we tell augmented stories exploring the ambiguous relationship of humans and technologies, the transformation of personal identities and social organizations, the crossroads of humanity dealing with scarcity or abundance of resources: all the visions peering into all possible tomorrows.

As there are many worlds, there are many futures. We believe in each and every one of them and we want to depict them all.