Future Fiction
a cultural association for social promotion

Future Fiction
a cultural association for social promotion


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From January 2018, Future Fiction aims to disseminate wide-ranging themes and a strong social impact related to the spread of technologies, innovations, and emerging phenomena such as artificial intelligence, climate change, longevity, 3D printing, bio and nanotechnologies, renewable resources, Big Data, drones, augmented reality and any other biopolitical transformation that can be hypothesized in a time horizon covering the next 50/100 hundred years.

All these activities also allow us to imagine and outline future scenarios, which can inspire and guide human actions in different areas of society (scientific, technological, economic-financial, and environmental).

We carry out this mission through numerous activities, both public and reserved for members, divided into 3 macro-areas:


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  • Meetings and presentations in middle schools, high schools, and universities to educate the new generations on the most important transformations (technological and socio-cultural) that are increasingly impacting our lifestyle. Which jobs will disappear in 10 years? What skills will be required by an ever-changing labor market dominated by new elements that need to be understood and predicted?
  • Translation workshops from many languages (English, Chinese, Russian, Italian) at the University for Foreigners of Siena and the Sant’Anna Institute of Pisa;
  • Workshop on topics related to anticipation and technological innovation: Solarpunk Café, FutureCon;
  • Publications of books, ebooks, audiobooks, and comics of both fiction and fringe non-fiction in translation from 13 languages (Chinese, Russian, French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Norwegian, Catalan and Japanese) and more than 35 different countries.
  • Online meetings and round tables on books, and discussions with authors from many different countries.


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  • Future Fiction is present with a stand at the most important book fairs (national and international):
  • Turin Book Fair (80 sqm stand “Isola del Futuro”);
  • Più Libri Più Liberi of Rome, Small and Medium Publishing Book Fair
  • Book Pride of Milan and Genoa;
  • Book City of Milan;
  • Naples Book Fair;
  • EuroCons (Conventions of Science Fiction across Europe):
  • WorldCon in Dublin;
  • Chengdu Science Fiction Convention;
  • Asia Pacific Science Fiction Convention in Beijing.


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  • The Future Fiction association has developed a network of selected partners and stakeholders, with whom we constantly collaborate to carry out editorial, cultural, educational, and research projects on a national and international scale:
  • Future Fiction Creative Writing Workshop lasting 5 weeks at the Fishing Fortress Science Fiction College in Chonqing (China);
  • CoFutures: international research group working on global contemporary Futurism based at the University of Oslo;
  • Illustration contest with the International School of Comics;
  • Minollo cultural association of Turin;
  • Italian Institute for the Future: cultural association based in Naples;
  • International School of Comics: Rome, Florence, and Turin;
  • Confucius Institutes of Italy: Milan, Turin, Pisa, Bologna, Venice, Naples, and Rome;
  • Galileo Galilei Institute of Chongqing (China);
  • Audible Italia: producer and distributor of audiobooks;
  • Bofeng Culture: Chinese Science Fiction publisher from Beijing;
  • Flame Tree Press: English genre fiction publisher from London;
  • Luna Press: Edinburgh-based English genre fiction publisher;
  • Full Color Sound: publisher and producer of audiobooks from Rome;
  • Apex Magazine: American online magazine;
  • Istanbul Copyright Agency: Turkish Literary Agency
  • Future Wave: literary agency specializing in the import/export of copyright of science fiction works.

To download the Constitutive Act of the Association (in Italian) click here