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We Tell Tomorrow Stories

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These are the “places” of the authors of Future Fiction: because the future arrives everywhere.

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We give voice to stories from the future, inclusive narratives from over 30 countries and 10 different languages, which explore the ambiguous relationship between human beings and technology, the transformations of personal identity and social organization, the encounter between humanity and the scarcity or abundance of resources: visions that peer into every possible future.

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Our Authors

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Some of the over 150 writers, illustrators and translators who are part of the Future Fiction project.

Claude Lalumière

Claude Lalumière (claudepages.info) is the author of Objects of Worship (2009), The Door to Lost Pages (2011), Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes (2013), and Venera Dreams: A Weird Entertainment (2017). He has published over a hundred stories, many of which have been staged in the theater and[...]

Regina Kanyu Wang

Regina Kanyu Wang is a bilingual author who writes in Chinese and English. She is a member of the Shanghai Writers, World Chinese Science Fiction, American Science Fiction Associations and deputy secretary of the Asian SF Association. She has won the SF Comet international short story[...]

Uwe Post

Uwe Post was born in 1968 and lives in the German Ruhr area. He has a degree in physics and astronomy and has worked as a journalist and in the IT sector. He is currently the lead developer at his own independent gaming company, curating casual[...]

James Patrick Kelly

James Patrick Kelly had an eclectic career: he wrote novels, short stories, essays, reviews, poems and screenplays. Translated into 16 languages, he won the Nebula prize in 2007 for "Burn" and the Hugo prize twice: in 1996, with "Think like a dinosaur" and in 2000 for[...]

S.B. Divya

S. B. Divya loves science, mathematics, fiction and the serial comma. She likes to subvert expectations and break stereotypes whenever she can. In the past, she used a telescope to find the Orion Nebula, dived with manta rays, and climbed to the top of a thousand-year-old[...]

Han Song

Han Song, born in Chongqing and graduated from Wuhan University in 1991, is the director of the Science Fiction Committee of the Folk Science Writers' Association, a member of the Chinese Writers' Association and works at the Xinhua News Agency. With his production, he earned the[...]

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