Future Fiction series

The main series of Future Fiction features a selection of the best voices in the field of Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction from the World, in translation from 13 languages and more than 30 different countries. After eight years of work, this continuous research of narrative quality, coming from every continent, has allowed Future Fiction to win the European SF Society Award for best science fiction publisher in 2019.

In these volumes (many also in dual language) you will find names like Liu Cixin, Ian McDonald, Ken Liu, Lavie Tidhar, Vandana Singh or Pat Cadigan, together with less famous but equally amazing voices, which in their countries are considered great authors such as Olivier Paquet (France), Fabio Fernandes (Brazil), Xia Jia (China), Gabriela Damian Miravete (Mexico) and Chen Qiufan (China).

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