If the present can be represented as a straight line that projects us forward, concrete and precise, the future instead resembles an expanding cloud, as vague as our expectations, our dreams and desires, often with uncertain features such as the illusions and the worries that it brings with it. After all, to face the future it is necessary to have some spirit of adventure and humor: two essential elements that we have condensed in the very definition of Futuresque, that is a picaresque and burlesque Future.

Our comics intend to reveal those Futures that disregard expectations and for this reason we adapt them starting from the stories published on Future Fiction: stories that come from more than 35 countries and translated from 13 different languages. This is the best demonstration of how the Future can gladly adapt itself into comic stories, social dramas, parodies and adventures that push the limits of what we know and the classic mass culture.

Because also tomorrow happens today.

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