Solarpunk series

Future Fiction embraced Solarpunk in 2018, when Francesco Verso published “I Camminatori” made of “I Pulldogs” and “No/Mad/Land” (the first Italian and European novel of the genre) and later brought the best Solarpunk stories around by publishing the international anthologies “Solarpunk: Come ho imparato ad amare il futuro” and “Solarpunk: Dalla dispeazione alla strategia.”

The Solarpunk is a cultural and literary movement that includes various phenomena and renews many stylistic features, in fact, it represents a constructive and concrete reaction, indeed a real alternative from below and from the margins of society, towards a certain indulging of the mainstream narrative and of the most commercial dystopian, post-apocalyptic, escapist and catastrophic Science Fiction stories that don’t indicate – with rare exceptions – any solution to the problem of the Anthropocene and Capitalocene. With the sole purpose of continuing to exploit the usual media sensationalism, to ride and manipulate the deepest human feelings of fear and anxiety.
On the contrary, Solarpunk intends to create and disseminate practical solutions and a viable way out of the current global condition of acceptance of Tatcher’s “there is no alternative”, because it prefers to sow inclusive futures for all, without distinction of language or culture, wealth, gender and origin.

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