The Bright Mirror

As caretakers and healers, women know how to take care of everything, using wisdom, restraint and gentleness to solve difficulties and complications through practical approaches and soft skills such as dialogue, patience and listening. Unlike cyberpunk, where the focus of the narrative is on men, competition and individualism, solarpunk overturns the classic view of the male hero and anti-hero by telling stories in which the solution comes from women, from their participation in important decisions, their resilience under stress and threat, their all too often underestimated ingenuity, and from their ability to collaborate and act for a greater purpose, for a higher good. These ten short stories—written by some of the best female authors in the solarpunk genre—come from seven countries and four different languages, to show how, in contrast to the traditional patriarchal vision of a single globalised future for all, women’s scenarios are about decolonising the imaginary, decentralising processes, decarbonizing everyday life and the degrowth of induced consumption.



Introduction by Eileen Herbert-Goodall

Indra’s Web by Vandana Singh (India)

The Ghost of Dzablui Estate by Cheryl Ntumy (Ghana)

Beyond the Bazaar by Lavanya Lakshminarayan (India)

In Bloom by Clelia Farris (Italy)

Green Tide by Cristina Jurado (Spain)

Golden Fern by  Lucie Lukačovičová  (Czech Republic)

Soul Noodles by Ana Sun (Malaysia)

Beyond Equity by Ruspa Dey (India)

Vanishing Tracks in the Sand by Jana Bianchi (Brasil)

Pony and Cow by Alda Teodorani (Italy)


ISBN: 9788832077780

Price: € 17

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