“This is a spectacular collection of stories from the Global South and the ocean covering most of our planet. Whenever technologies alter human societies at a rapidly accelerating pace, Science Fiction becomes the preferred mode of literature. This book is one sign of that great shift into visionary futurism deployed to reveal the utopian possibilities still alive in our present time. It’s a delight to read.” Kim Stanley Robinson, author of The Ministry for the Future

“This is a collection of thought-provoking climate-fiction stories, elegantly told and so real they can only be set in futures that have already happened” – Anil Menon, author of The Coincidence Plot

 “A thrilling reminder that our planet’s future will be shaped by the ocean and the cultures of the Southern hemisphere.” – James Bradley, author of Ghost Species and Deep Water: The World in the Ocean

Ecoceanic: Southern Flows encompasses writing from the coastal regions of Africa, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, extending to Australia and Latin America. The volume has given Science Fiction writers a space to reflect on past experiences of maritime trade, colonialism, and imperialism. In these stories, we find an attempt to extrapolate from such historical experiences into both the near and far future, envisaging ecocatastrophes facing such regions in the time of accelerated anthropogenic climate change, as well as possible alternatives at the micro and macro levels, leading to the construction of distinctive storylines and variants of SF novum.
Ecoceanic thus envisages a form of Oceanic futurism from the South, taking inspiration from movements such as solarpunk that delineate both critiques and alternatives to the current unsustainable socio-economic systems that are taking a heavy toll of oceanic ecosystems and coastal cultures.

Table of Contents
Southern Blues: Introduction to Ecoceanic by Tarun K. Saint
The New Frontier by Kaiser Haq (Bangladesh)
Mare Tranquillitatis by Soham Guha (India)
Hope at World End by Chinaza Eziaghighala (Nigeria)
The Water Runner by Eugen Bacon (Tanzania/Australia)
Undercurrency by Sam Beckbessinger (South Africa)
I Speak with a Thousand Voices by César Santivañez (Perù)
Half-Eaten Cities by Vajra Chandrasekera (Sri Lanka)
I Had a Dream by Priya Sarukkai Chabria (India)
Shroud and the Moon by Thoraiya Dyer (Australia)
The Word for World is Ocean by Vandana Singh (India)

ISBN: 9788832077919

Cover illustration by Esther Cambria (paperback) and Susanna Chiuppi (ebook)

Available from late January 2024

Price: € 17


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