From the otherworldly voyage depicted in Dante’s Divina Commedia and the early modern utopias by Giordano Bruno and Tommaso Campanella, up through the proto-SF of Primo Levi and the Imaginary Fiction of Tommaso Landolfi and Italo Calvino, Italy has always been a cradle of fantastic literature. This anthology highlights the works of award-winning and emerging writers of contemporary Italian science fiction and will introduce international readers to exciting stories they wouldn’t otherwise be able to read. Represented here are some of the winners of the Urania Award (Italy’s most prestigious SF award), authors published by major Italian publishing houses, with stories that explore a wide range of topics, including bio-ethical issues, AI, transhumanism and posthumanism, climate fiction, and environmental concerns.

Embrace the Science Fiction Renaissance of Italian literature!

 Table of content

Introduction: Contemporary Italian SF by Francesco Verso

  • Linda De Santi – Beautymark
  • Francesco Grasso – The Race of Crows
  • Andrea Viscusi – Bad parents
  • Nicoletta Vallorani – The Catalog of Virgins
  • Clelia Farris – In bloom
  • Francesco Verso – The Green Ship
  • Michele Piccolino – The Love Algorithm
  • Romina Braggion – Flower Queen
  • Roberto Quaglia and Ian Watson – The Moby Clitoris of His Beloved
  • Alessandro Fambrini e Stefano Carducci – China on the Moon
  • Alessandro Vietti – Being Oval
  • Francesca Conforti – Reward
  • Alda Teodorani – Pony and Cow

Translations by Carlotta Codebò, Sally McCorry, Micheal Colbert, Rachael Cordasco and Amanda Blee

Cover art by Simone Alvisini

ISBN: 9788832077520

Prezzo: € 17


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