Ghost Girl (dual language English-Italian)


Four wonderful stories by award-winning author Richard Larson are published together for the first time alongside their Italian translations:
Meet the “Ghost Girl” and her artificial guardian in a Bujumbura junkyard.
Party with the post-human hedonists of “Let’s Take This Viral.”
See what happens when a basketball prodigy refuses to be “Meshed.”
And watch a boy bond with the digital ghost of his grandfather in “Your Own Way Back.”

The Author: Richard Larson was born in Galmi, Niger. He has studied in Rhode Island, worked in southern Spain and now lives in Ottawa, Canada. His short fiction appears in numerous Year’s Best anthologies and has been translated into Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish, Czech, French and Italian. He was the most prolific author of short Science Fiction in 2015, 2016 and possibly 2017 as well. His debut novel, Annex and his debut collection, Tomorrow Factory, will be out in 2018. Find more at and support him via

Price: € 9

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