Galaxy Award 1

After 30 years of incredible development, China represents today one of the main sources of futuristic scenarios and Science Fiction storytelling. That’s why this selection of short stories (some of which have won the prestigious Galaxy Award) become particularly useful to understand where such development might lead in the near future: from the research of immortality to the digital conservation of ancient temples, passing from medical breakthroughs, sensorial augmentations, innovative interfaces and dramatic ways to achieve richness, Chinese Science Fiction authors already live in a “preview” of tomorrow’s world. We should really listen to what they have to say.


Table of Contents - 目录

Introduction by Latssep - 序言……拉兹

Tongji Bridge by Lu Hang - 通济桥……路航 著   李懿 译

Final Diagnosis by Jiang Bo - 绝对诊断……江波 著   李雅婷 译

Fogong Temple Padoga by Hai Ya - 尽化塔……海漄 著  陈捷 译

Resurrection by Channing Ren -  还魂……任青 著  Blake Stone-Banks 译

Turing Food Court by Wang Nuonuo - 图灵大排档……王诺诺 著  Blake Stone-Banks译

Upstart by Ben Lu - 新贵……鲁般 著  Blake Stone-Banks 译

2039: Era of Brain-Computer Interface by A Que - 2039:脑机时代……阿缺 著  李雅婷 译

Color the World by Mu Ming - 涂色世界……慕明 著  黄田 译

Translations from Chinese by Chen Jie, Blake Stone-Banks, Li Yating and Li Yi.

Revision by Sally McCorry.

Cover Art by Liu “Sharksden” Junwei

译者 陈捷 Blake Stone-Banks 李雅婷 李懿

校对 Sally McCorry

封面插画 鲨鱼丹

Available in paperback and ebook at the end of December 2022

ISBN: 9788832077

2022年12月底 平装本、电子版同步上市

ISBN: 9788832077

Prezzo: € 17


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