Panopticon #1

In a post-apocalyptic future, devastated by climate change, only a thousand inhabitants remained on Earth, all sterile and doomed to extinction.

In a mushroom jungle, a teenage girl loses her mother in a frenzied race to retrieve her pet ... A dead body is transported to the bottom of the sea by a deformed sailor, chased by an agent of the infamous Evol-A eco-terrorist group ... The regent of a decaying empire accuses his son of high treason due to a mysterious material known as nitroplasma ... Two Brazilian girls and a boy run away from home with the aim of infiltrating the immense industrial pole of the Mega-Trench of Cuiabá to experiment with audio-drugs.

The story deals with the theme of the adaptability of the planet and the human being, under the incessant blows inflicted by the Anthropocene and Capitalocene in a choral and multi-perspective manner.

Panopticon # 1 – written by César Santivañez and illustrated by Hugo Espinoza – is the first chapter of a very original sci-fi epic and unparalleled in recent years.

ISBN: 9788832077582

Prezzo: € 13

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